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  As per the owners requirements we procure ship spares parts from the leading ship braking yards / Engineering work shops and deliver them onboard at any port of India & Overseas.

  Some times Owners need to send the Spare Part Parcel from their Country ( Overseas) for delivering on-board.

  We even take care of Clearance of such spare part parcels at the Airport, at local port offices and deliver them on-board safely.

We are also into export of ships spare parts from India to any part of the globe through the fastest mode i.e air.


We can work out the quickest and most economical route for your product.


We are also associated with a highly qualified and experienced Ship Repairing team through which we can provide a strong technical support to the Owners, such as:


  • Plate renewal.

  • Pipe line renewal.

  • Pump overhauling, repair and renewal.

  • Valve overhauling and renewal.

  • Electric motor rewinding, panel wiring, Refrigeration repair.

  • Crane/Derrick repair and load testing, Dock labour board certification.

  • Repairs on Main engines / Aux engines/ Turbocharger etc.

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